2018 Braxton General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - "KelKel" Kellen Tropeck (N)
County Clerk - Connor Combs (N)
Prosecuting Attorney - "Chill" Chris Hill (N)
Circuit Clerk - Alex Casto (F)
Assessor - Kyle Newmeyer (F)

County Commission (3) - Blake Underwood (F), Jackson R. Igo (N), and Bailey Lancaster (N)
House of Delegates - Brent Moore (F), Clayton Baldwin (F), Cabell Bolyard (F), and Abiel Gallagher (F), Joshua Waugh (N)
State Senate (2) - Owen Henline (F), Chris Gooding (N)

City Results

Mayor - Aaron "Broad H20" Broadwater (F)
City Council (3) - Jarryd Powell (N)