2017 ALMBS Lewis General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Hunter Bouldin (F)
County Clerk - Shawn Ball (N)
Prosecuting Attorney - Justin Staats (F)
Circuit Clerk - Daniel Bolten (N)
Assessor - Jordan Potter (F)
County Commission (3) - Jesse Doak (F) and Mason Anderson (N)
House of Delegates - Matthew Turziano (F), Gabriel Mccarelle (F), Jaden McCord (F), Dalton McCort (F), and Jacob Rumor (N)
State Senate (2) - Bennett Phillips (F) and Darl Zollinger (N),

City Results

Mayor - Brandon Kerekes (N)
City Council (3) - Colin Keamor (N), Seth Lucas (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) - William Payne, Issac Swiger, Tyler Brooks
Circuit Judge - Patrick Brown
Magistrate - Jarrod Heaberlin