75th ALMBS Governor

75th ALMBS Governor

75th ALMBS Governor

State of the State Speech

Within 24 hours I went from a citizen of the 75th Mountaineer Boy’s State, to Governor and representative of not only the approximate 400 citizens of Boy’s State, but also of each and every high school student in the great state of West Virginia. As citizens of Boy’s State, we have come up with ideas that best represent the important issues that affect not only the young citizens of West Virginia, but the entire population of the state as a whole.

As the officials of Mountaineer boy’s state, it is our duty to work together to set goals and pass bills to improve the way of life for the hard working people of our state. Now, take the time to think about all of the speeches that our councilors…individuals running for office…and each one of our guest speakers have given us this week. Each one has stated that simply by coming together and forming bonds in such a short time, has already made an impact in the lives of over 350 people. There is a quote from a musical that I would like to share…. “Because I knew you, I have been changed For Good,” and I believe that we can all say that those words are true for us all.

In the first day of the newly elected duties, the Board of Public works has worked hard to prioritize the issues that both parties discussed this week. The Board determined the budget of the State and where the people’s money will be going.

The first thing is Welfare. The Board decided that the best way to ensure that cash money is not being spent on illegal activities is to put any government assistance money on governmental credit card with a maximum amount being that of what would be equivalent to a check in the mail.

Next is a healthcare provided bill that will promote the rise of adequate healthcare in rural areas by building health clinics in areas with no hospital or doctor’s office nearby. This would allow people to receive proper medical treatment close to their homes.

In relation to infrastructure, the board decided to promote maritime (water) transportation of not only goods, but people as well. W would also like to improving the railroad systems to effectively and more efficiently move people and goods throughout the state. As discussed in the campaign, roads in rural areas will be improved…

Finally, education vouchers will be created and used as a way to provide the incentive to individual school systems to increase educational standards and competition between school systems and in turn raise overall test scores of students in the state.

The decisions made on how to approach these important issues has been made based on beliefs of the majority of the population of mountaineer Boy’s State. And if by chance any of these ideals are turned down or discouraged, I ask that all of the governmental departments come together to restructure them and work to pass them. WITH ONE VOICE…. AS ONE VOICE….WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Thank You!