2018 ALMBS Barbour/Webster General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff - Dan "The man" Castello (F),
County Clerk - William Kurtist Yost (N)
Prosecuting Attorney - Enrique Herrera (F)
Circuit Clerk - Andrew Torlone (F)
Assessor - Mark Taylor (N)

County Commission (3) - Angelo Gentile (F), Pauly Boddy (F), Daniel McGuire (F)
House of Delegates - Isaiah "Stan" Stanley (F), Ronald H Jennings III "Ronnie" (F) and "THE" Bryan Ho (F), Jacob Southern (F),  Broc Oliverio (N), Joel Morris (N)
State Senate (2) -Jacob Ralston "Yhac" (F),  Micheal Lough "Low"  (N)

Mayor - Mohammad Sissoto (N)
City Council (3) - Alex Dauge (N), Robert "The Enforcer" Minard (N), Thomas "The Tank" Martineau (N)