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2019 ALMBS Newspaper Staff Announced


Garrett Cummings

Layout Editor

Creed Kidney


Owen Hayes
Connor Forth
Samuel Krason


Aaron Boggs
Charles Perdue
Alexander Masters
Richard Rogers

Sports Writer:

Zachary Roush

Graphic Design:

John Bober

General Manager:

John Bober

Part Time Reports

Thomas Onks
Hunter Bays
Levi Carney
Logan Jackson
Alex Carr
Griffen Westerfeld
Trent George
Julian Brady
Braedon Ayers
Brendan Smith

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ALMBS Announces Journalism Staff

Print Journalism

Co-Editor – Douglas Soule (Barbour Cottage), Cooper Holmes (Lewis Cottage); Reporter – Rafael Coplin (Gilmer Cottage), John Handley, Jr. (Randolph Cottage), Brendon Wallace, Andrew Camp (Panhandle Cottage); Photographer – Kyle Machel (Monroe Cottage), Noah Chidester (Panhandle Cottage); Layout Editor – Austin Daniels (Kanawha Cottage), Phoenix Huron (Randolph Cottage); Additional Staff – Camden Cutlip (Lewis Cottage), Omar Zapata (Upshur Cottage), Jarred Carter (Webster Cottage)

Broadcast Journalism

Digital Reporter – Jayson Chappell (?? Cottage), Dylan Brack (Kanawha Cottage), Corton Rider (Harrison Cottage), Alex Mazza (Marion Cottage), Bailey White (Gilmer Cottage), Brady Devericks (Barbour Cottage), Clayton Valentine (Randolph Cottage); Part-time Staff – Noah Bott (Panhandle Cottage), Grayland Brown (Lewis Cottage), Joseph Lucey (Randolph Cottage), Logan Davis (Braxton Cottage).

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2014 ALMBS Newspaper Staff

Newspaper Editor: Quentin Squires

Assistant Newspaper Editor: Nathan Wilson

Staff Reporters: Jacob Evans, Gene Bailey, Trenton Barnhart

Photographer: Glen Smakula and Kole Hopwood

Cottage Reporters: Zack Hineman (Barbour), Christopher Bell (Braxton), Braden Barr (Calhoun), Nate Dehmlow (Gilmer), Ethan Carrico (Kanawha), Andrew Armstrong (Lewis), Adam Shackleford (Marion), Robert Stickular (Monroe), Evan Blackwood (Panhandle), Charles Rowe (Randolph), Tom Kotol (Upshur), and Dakota Roach (Webster)

ATTENTION WV High School and American Legion Post Representatives: There was a delay in processing and mailing of the WV High School and American Legion Post packets and we have extended the initial preferred deadlines for response from 11/4/2022 to 11/18/2022. Please accept our apologies for the delay.