The Mountaineer Daily (Monday 6/10/2024)

Day 1 at the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State: A Day of Engagement and Learning

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State (ALMBS) kicked off its first day with a flurry of activities. With the registration of 219 citizens, the day was filled with enthusiasm and eagerness as the participants embarked on their journey of civic engagement and leadership.

The day began with a strong emphasis on getting involved. The “don’t hold back” catchphrase echoed throughout the day, serving as a constant reminder for the citizens to seize every opportunity. Motivational speeches encouraged the participants to engage fully and try new things, fostering an environment of exploration and growth.

A significant component of the day was the focus on Americanism, particularly the POW/MIA table. This powerful symbol served as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women. It instilled a sense of respect and gratitude, reinforcing the values that ALMBS