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2022 Bar Exam Results Announced

Congratulations to the following citizens for passing the 2022 Bar Exam!

Kanawha Atticus Reese
Kanawha David Kapp
Kanawha Jacob Petroski
Kanawha Ryan Ramey
Kanawha Reese Carpenter
Kanawha Ryan Hoffman
Kanawha Will Behrens
Kanawha John Huff
Kanawha Jonah Cottrell
Kanawha Wyatt Burkholder


Lewis Ryan Morris
Lewis Johnathan Bennett
Lewis Curry Taylor
Lewis Matthew McAra
Lewis Andrew Davis
Lewis Seth Sions
Lewis Conner Hawkins


Marion Alec Bolyard
Marion Ryan Hefner
Marion Sam Stotler
Marion Dylan McDade
Marion Nate Flower
Marion Braydie Carr
Marion Alexander Herron
Marion James Armstrong
Marion Thomas Giggenbach
Marion Drew Hill
Marion Austin Silva


Monroe Maxwell Fraizer
Monroe William Thompson
Monroe Hunter Trippett
Monroe Caiden Youngblood
Monroe Colin Street
Monroe Garrett Goolie


Panhandle Brady McMullen
Panhandle Vincent Post
Panhandle Jacob Sherman
Panhandle Zachary Tackett
Panhandle Seth Harris
Panhandle Bruce Garuccio
Panhandle Lucas Marsh
Panhandle Hunter Gracey
Panhandle Aiden Hohn
Panhandle Alexander Arzt


Randolph Landon Bryant
Randolph Tye Clark
Randolph Garret Pritt
Randolph Clark Gillispie
Randolph Varin Miller
Randolph Rowen Mills
Randolph Chase Steorts
Randolph Wyatt DeBoard
Randolph Evan Dipasquale
Randolph Joshua Greer
dolph Braden Whitelatch
Randolph Kyle Phillips
Randolph Christian Wine
Randolph Anthony Mele


Upshur Brayton Boggs
Upshur Declan Hall
Upshur Cameron Kearns
Upshur Zander Lamp
Upshur Carson Kuhns


Webster Nicholas Harmon
Webster Jacob Maue
Webster Charles Frizzell
Webster Jacob Banten
Webster Colin Walker
Webster Pacey From
Webster Chase Henderson



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The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State Bar Association Members

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State operates a fully functioning legal system and is chaired by members of the staff who, by profession, are Attorneys, Judges, and Administrative Staff Personnel within West Virginia Courts. Each American Legion Mountaineer Boys State county will prepare and present a court trial that will be reviewed and evaluated by visiting Attorneys from the Harrison County Bar Association. The ALMBS Courts hear a variety of cases that involve the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State laws. NOTE: Only 1/3 of the ALMBS Citizens are permitted to pass the Bar Exam

Last Name First Name Cottage Party
Abbas Nazar Barbour N
Iaquinta Dylan Barbour N
Kidney Creed Barbour F
Onks Thomas Barbour F
Scott Ethan Barbour N
Altizer Benjamin Braxton F
Cava Alessandro Braxton N
Jones Shawn Braxton F
Kenney Matthew Braxton F
Koon Aidan Braxton F
Littell Garrett Braxton N
Loss Drake Braxton F
Oliver Peyton Braxton N
Sibole Griffin Braxton N
Smith Elijah Braxton F
Stokley James Braxton F
Vandegrift Ian Braxton N
Webster Ryan Braxton N
Carney Levi Calhoun N
Eskridge Wesley Calhoun N
LeMaire Zachary Calhoun N
Lilly Luke Calhoun F
Mitchell Austin Calhoun N
Phillips Garrison Calhoun F
Wamsley Colby Calhoun N
Barrickman Zachary Gilmer N
Combs Walker Gilmer F
Foglesong Robert Gilmer N
Wimer Ethan Gilmer N
Adams Gabriel Harrison N
Dulaney Kamden Harrison N
Miller Christian Harrison N
Duong Michael Kanawha F
Frazier David Kanawha F
Headley Jake Kanawha N
Henly Charles Kanawha N
Henthorne Jonah Kanawha N
Keener Mark Kanawha N
Lauer Alex Kanawha F
Martin Christopher Kanawha F
Beer Nathaniel Lewis N
Dailey Dylan Lewis N
Dougherty Carlton Lewis N
George Benjamin Lewis N
Gladden Bradly Lewis F
Itobi Donovan Lewis F
Johnson John Lewis N
Kuttan Devanand Lewis F
Liu Andrew Lewis F
Minor Thomas Lewis N
Napier Garrett Lewis F
Wahl Michael Lewis N
Whited Glenn Lewis F
Blankenship Zachary Marion N
Davis Garrett Marion N
Dingeldein Joseph Marion F
Galford Liam Marion F
Gough Bryan Marion N
Harper Jonathan Marion F
Huck Camden Marion F
McAllister Riley Marion F
Pond Ethan Marion N
Staggers Chase Marion N
Tobin William Marion F
Ammons Creed Monroe F
Cale Cameron Monroe F
Chapman William Monroe N
Dear Calvin Monroe F
Krason Samuel Monroe N
Little Gabriel Monroe F
Mrozek Matthew Monroe F
Winkie Carson Monroe F
Akana Cy Panhandle N
Cloud Trent Panhandle N
Cloutier Aiden Panhandle N
DelSignore John Panhandle F
Fiest Clayton Panhandle F
Jarrell Noah Panhandle F
Kenney Christopher Panhandle N
Mackey Gage Panhandle F
Marquart Adam Panhandle F
Simpson Andwele Panhandle F
Siva Kowsik Panhandle F
Swalm Thomas Panhandle F
Tennant John Panhandle N
Bennett Cameron Randolph F
Brown Andrew Randolph N
Cummings Garret Randolph N
Gwynn Alecx Randolph F
Helmick Orion Randolph F
Igo Carter Randolph F
Kester George Randolph F
LaFaber Eric Randolph F
Lazzell Trey Randolph F
Longerbeam Ryan Randolph N
Mann Connor Randolph F
Meredith Clayton Randolph N
Moore Alex Randolph F
Offutt Michael Randolph F
Potts Samuel Randolph F
Powell Manning Randolph N
Purkey Liam Randolph N
Rush III John Randolph F
Sams Richard Randolph N
Stanley Andrew Randolph F
Struthers George Randolph N
Ayers Braedon Upshur F
Groves II Stephen Upshur F
Miller Evan Upshur N
Price Devin Upshur F
Whyte Christopher Upshur N
Coop-Gonzalez Elias Webster F
Ellis Matthew Webster N
Parsons Ryan Webster N
Robertson Christopher Webster F
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2018 ALMBS Bar Exam Results

Congratulations to the following Citizens for passing the bar exam and being eligible to being an ALMBS Attorney.

Barbour Cottage

Stanley M. Apanowicz
Christopher Michael Chambers
Ronald Howard Jennings III
Daniel Liam McCarthy
Jerrod Anthony Young

Braxton Cottage

Mark Joesph Daffron
Christopher Nils Gooding
Christopher Elijah Hill
Norman Heath Lee
Chase Austin Moore
Luke David Utt

Calhoun Cottage

Jerod Robert Buck
Zachary James Hill
Boone Alexander Oliverio
Jacob Edward Paugh
Charles Manville Savilla III
Sinjin Tyler Smith
Brennon Christopher Weese

Gilmer Cottage

Joseph Tyler Catlett
Joshua Andrew Conrad
Jeremiah Fain Dolan
Samuel Kizhakkekara Francis
Thomas Patrick Markland

Harrison Cottage

John Anthony Aloi
Brandon Tyler Arnal-Glasscock
Maximus Samuel Hilton
Hayden Beck Johns
Tyler Ryan Kibler

Kanawha Cottage

Thomas Guy Azinger
Ryan Drew Bohrer
Nicholas Evan Cook
Alexandyr James Hummel
William Thomas Kegg
Brady Jonathan Kuhn
Aaron Joshua Page
Noah Robert Sampson
Stephen Robert Snyder
David Joseph Strange
Alexander William Tucker
Grayson Watson
Daniel A. Woods

Lewis Cottage

David Carl Agcaoili
Ethan Isaiah Clark
Sahil Dave
Phillip John Essenmacher
Tanner Bryan George
Preston Boyd Howard
Ethan Hunter Malcomb
Mitchell James Miller
Brandon Nguyen
Vincent Joseph Pinti
Robert Charles Preston
Samuel P. Reeder
Wade G. Underwood
Randolph Howard Wyatt III

Marion Cottage

Brett A. Brown
Andrew Patrick Fleece
Jonathan Elias Gharib
Seth Hunter Hughes
Hunter Davis Jackson
Chance William Jewell
Isaac Joseph Lewis

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ALMBS 2014 Bar Exam Standouts

Five hours after arrival on the first day of boys state, every citizen is required to take the ALMBS bar exam. This test determines eligibility to run for a legal office such as a judge or lawyer. The most exemplified students and cottage are underscored by this article from staff reporter Gene Bailey.

Bar Exam Results Proves Boys State Citizens Are Judicious

By Gene Bailey

Of the 348 citizens at Mountaineer Boys State, one-third of the citizens passed the infamous bar exam. Monroe Cottage attained the highest average on the state’s campus overall. Additionally, two citizens tied for the highest scoring individual exam. Chad Hollandsworth of Kanawha Cottage and Jamie Austin Rose of Harrison Cottage received an astounding 82% on the exam. Considering Mountaineer Boys State is a haven for academically-gifted students statewide, it is an honor to be among the examiners that passed the