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2019 ALMBS Gilmer/Calhoun Primary Result

County Results

County Clerk – James Fetty (F), Logan Jackson (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Wesley “Wes” Eskridge (N)
Circuit Clerk
Assessor – Austin Mitchell (N)

County Commission (3) – Clayon Cole (F)
House of Delegates – Luke “The Ocean Man” Ochsenbein (F), Daniel Maylan (N), Terry “Tmass” Massey (N), Zane “Big Dawg” Cogar (N)
State Senate (2) – George “of the Jungle” Urling (N), Zach LeMaire (N)

City Results

Mayor – Clayon Cole (F), Zachary “The man” Barrickman (N)
City Council (3) – Brogan “Bro-tee” Moran (F), Luke “The Ocean Man” Ochsenbein, Ethan “Finer” Wimer (N), Zane “Big Dawg” Cogar (N)

Non-Partisan Results

Board of Education (3) – Landen Fulton
Circuit Judge – Garrison “Garbear” Phillips
Magistrate – Levi “Why Not?” Carney

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2018 ALMBS Gilmore/Calhoun Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Corey “Corey Dale” Fluharty (F)
County Clerk – Zachary Meredith (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Jerod Buck (F)
Circuit Clerk – Alexander Schrioer (F)
Assessor – Ezra Yoneda (F)

County Commission (3) – Ryan Blake (F), Charles Savilla (N), Samuel Francis (N)
House of Delegates – Jerry Dolan (F), Kason Westfall (N), Evan “Big EV” Garrett (N), Jakob Gardill (N), Jacob Paugh (N)
State Senate (2) – Chris “ChrisCrossed” Thomas (F),  Mason Shockley (N)

City Results

Mayor – Karl Scheib (N)
City Council (3) – Mark Horn (F), Zach Hill (N)

It is with a heavy heart to announce The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State and The American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State programs have been cancelled for 2020. Please know this decision was made after thorough deliberation with our program’s senior leadership and based on the current national and state-wide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information see the attached ALMBS and ALARGS Memoranda.