Newsome Memories

It was on June 13 of 2011 when I had the privilege to interview the Braxton County Senior Counselor. Only being the first full day of the week, I was extremely nervous. But at the right time, I was confident in doing my first interview. I started with the basic of a hello, and a how are you today? Newsom was very polite and told me he was doing quite fine.

I then progressed into asking if he was enjoying his week at Boy’s State so far. Newsom responded by saying “Yes. Boy’s State is always one of my favorite weeks of the year.” I then asked the curious question of what year he was a citizen at Boy’s State, and could he tell me his experience at his Boy’s State? Newsom was a citizen of Boy’s State in 2006, and “When I was a citizen in Boy’s State, I remember