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2019 ALMBS Broadcast Journalism Staff Announced


Elijah Smith

Video Editors

Jonathan Golden
Khori Miles
Antony Dong

Reporters / Camera / Anchors

Jake Comer
Benjamin George
Brian Henderson
Andrew Kuntz
Davis Porterfield
Isaac Stankus


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2018 ALMBS Broadcast Journalism Staff Announced


Parker Matthey
Brandon Flesher


London Bowen
Abiel Gallagher-Rey
Ethan Malcomb

Reporters / Camera / Anchors

Jacob Biser
Nicholas Fenstermacher
Michael King
Julian Lamb
Ian McDougal
Robert Smith
Jacob Tallamy
Wyatt Wiley
David Mudge


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ALMBS Announces Journalism Staff

Print Journalism

Co-Editor РDouglas Soule (Barbour Cottage), Cooper Holmes (Lewis Cottage); Reporter РRafael Coplin (Gilmer Cottage), John Handley, Jr. (Randolph Cottage), Brendon Wallace, Andrew Camp (Panhandle Cottage); Photographer РKyle Machel (Monroe Cottage), Noah Chidester (Panhandle Cottage); Layout Editor РAustin Daniels (Kanawha Cottage), Phoenix Huron (Randolph Cottage); Additional Staff РCamden Cutlip (Lewis Cottage), Omar Zapata (Upshur Cottage), Jarred Carter (Webster Cottage)

Broadcast Journalism

Digital Reporter – Jayson Chappell (?? Cottage), Dylan Brack (Kanawha Cottage), Corton Rider (Harrison Cottage), Alex Mazza (Marion Cottage), Bailey White (Gilmer Cottage), Brady Devericks (Barbour Cottage), Clayton Valentine (Randolph Cottage); Part-time Staff – Noah Bott (Panhandle Cottage), Grayland Brown (Lewis Cottage), Joseph Lucey (Randolph Cottage), Logan Davis (Braxton Cottage).

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2014 ALMBS Broadcast Staff

Broadcast Manager: Franklin Norton

Assistant Broadcast Manager: Kevin Stryker

Staff Reporters: Jake Boice

Anchormen: Matthew Conner, Isaac Carroll, and Joseph Severino

Cameramen: Corey Knollinger and Matthew Groves

Website Coordinator: Connor Moffitt

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State has been cancelled for 2021. Formal notifications are being provided to all WV Public and Private Schools, WV American Legion Posts, Sponsors, and Volunteers. More information will be provided in the coming days. -Updated 3/22/2021