The Legionnaire Blue Cap

The Legionnaire Blue Cap Award is a prestigious achievement, presented to those with years of service in the Legion. Such an honor can only be bestowed onto those in the Legion with a lifetime of dedication, leading by example, and servitude. Some things that are looked at in nomination for the award are offices held, committee appointments, and other awards.

A noble man in nomination for this award can only be addressed as William F. Lancaster, Jr. of Post No. 71. A man of the Legion with such offices as Post Adjutant, Post Delegate, District VAMC Cookout, and District Representative Civic Affairs shows how well he fits for the award. He has been going to National Conventions for 10 years and Department Conventions for 15 years. He was awarded by his post the PUFL (Paid-Up-For-Life) which serves as his dues for the Legion for the rest of his life.

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