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2022 Bar Exam Results Announced

Congratulations to the following citizens for passing the 2022 Bar Exam!

Kanawha Atticus Reese
Kanawha David Kapp
Kanawha Jacob Petroski
Kanawha Ryan Ramey
Kanawha Reese Carpenter
Kanawha Ryan Hoffman
Kanawha Will Behrens
Kanawha John Huff
Kanawha Jonah Cottrell
Kanawha Wyatt Burkholder


Lewis Ryan Morris
Lewis Johnathan Bennett
Lewis Curry Taylor
Lewis Matthew McAra
Lewis Andrew Davis
Lewis Seth Sions
Lewis Conner Hawkins


Marion Alec Bolyard
Marion Ryan Hefner
Marion Sam Stotler
Marion Dylan McDade
Marion Nate Flower
Marion Braydie Carr
Marion Alexander Herron
Marion James Armstrong
Marion Thomas Giggenbach
Marion Drew Hill
Marion Austin Silva


Monroe Maxwell Fraizer
Monroe William Thompson
Monroe Hunter Trippett
Monroe Caiden Youngblood
Monroe Colin Street
Monroe Garrett Goolie


Panhandle Brady McMullen
Panhandle Vincent Post
Panhandle Jacob Sherman
Panhandle Zachary Tackett
Panhandle Seth Harris
Panhandle Bruce Garuccio
Panhandle Lucas Marsh
Panhandle Hunter Gracey
Panhandle Aiden Hohn
Panhandle Alexander Arzt


Randolph Landon Bryant
Randolph Tye Clark
Randolph Garret Pritt
Randolph Clark Gillispie
Randolph Varin Miller
Randolph Rowen Mills
Randolph Chase Steorts
Randolph Wyatt DeBoard
Randolph Evan Dipasquale
Randolph Joshua Greer
dolph Braden Whitelatch
Randolph Kyle Phillips
Randolph Christian Wine
Randolph Anthony Mele


Upshur Brayton Boggs
Upshur Declan Hall
Upshur Cameron Kearns
Upshur Zander Lamp
Upshur Carson Kuhns


Webster Nicholas Harmon
Webster Jacob Maue
Webster Charles Frizzell
Webster Jacob Banten
Webster Colin Walker
Webster Pacey From
Webster Chase Henderson



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2014 ALMBS Bar Exam Results

The following individuals passed the 2014 ALMBS Bar Exam. Congratulations! At the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State 2/3 of the camp is guaranteed to fail the bar exam. This is designed into the program to limit the total number of lawyers at the program.

2012 Bar Exam Results

The following individuals passed the bar exam.

2012 Bar Exam Results

ATTENTION WV High School and American Legion Post Representatives: There was a delay in processing and mailing of the WV High School and American Legion Post packets and we have extended the initial preferred deadlines for response from 11/4/2022 to 11/18/2022. Please accept our apologies for the delay.