Governor Uzi Ibrahim

2006 ALMBS Governor

69th ALMBS Governor

After just a day in office, Governor Uzi Ibrahim has developed plans which he feel will boost the state in many different areas. Ibrahim met with the Senate, House of Delegates, Supreme Court Justices, and the Board of Public Works to tell them and receive their support concerning the initiatives in his State of the State Address. Among his initiatives, Ibrahim established four major goals which he wished he can accomplish during his session. These include economical development, create adequate infrastructure, helping shape the state s students into global colleagues, and keeping small businesses in state.

To help pass his initiatives, Ibrahim provided a plethora of support and explanation. Being a beautiful and promising state, Ibrahim believes that West Virginia could become more well-rounded if we were more economically developed. To industrialize our state and bring more businesses into the state, Ibrahim proposed to create an adequate infrastructure to support these businesses. To do so, Ibrahim wants to improve transportation, provide high-speed internet, and aid in transforming the West Virginia student into a global pupil.

On the other side of the topic, Uzi yearns to keep the small businesses in state. He says that small business is the key to state development. These industries represent the common person and West Virginia economy has always focused on the common person.

All in all Ibrahim focused on the plans rather than the funding, but it can be inferred that the funding for these programs will be discussed and settled in the legislature. It is evident that the government cares about the state very much and has thought hard concerning how to improve it.