Governor Cody Steffick

2009 ALMBS Governor

72nd ALMBS Governor

Today excitement hit a new level as Cody Steffick, native of Marion cabin and Hurricane, West Virginia, was inaugurated as the 72nd governor of Mountaineer Boys State along with the rest of the state officials. Judge Fred Fox took the honor of inaugurating our new Supreme Justices, Commissioner of Agriculture, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, and Governor. As each official took his oath of office the crowd was silent in utter reverence and their words echoed around the room, filling the gaps of the room and the minds of the citizens. Following the oaths was a powerful address from Cody Steffick. Governor Steffick made the following statement during his speech, ”Today we are no longer Nationalist or Federalists, we are one Boys State!.”  His ideas of bipartisan leadership and cooperation were vital in his campaign, which solicited over 86% of the votes. Now as the week continues, we can see firsthand the work of our new governor and continue in the positive direction that his fantastic leadership and political prowess has pointed us in.