Governor Afeef Ahmed

2005 ALMBS Governor

68th ALMBS Governor

Afeef and the gang have not taken their positions at boys state lightly. Today was a busy day for those at the Public Board office. They tackled a few bills, are in the middle of a heated dispute between the house and the senate and did the road to road show.

Their first item of business today was their road to road show. Going all through out Boys State, making stops at the Police Academy, various cities and counties, and other sorts of places, Afeef and the gang spread the message of additional funding. If any project or business needs additional funding all they need to do is write a piece of legislation stating: What they need the money for, how much, and why they feel they deserve the money over top of the other projects.

Also in the gang s schedule today was the passing of a bill. Their first bill was one that reduced the amount of frivolous lawsuits and delt with the rights of teenagers currently serving in the military.