Honoring Service and Sacrifice: The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State Flag Retirement and Memorial Tribute

This evening is a solemn and significant occasion as we gather together, both in spirit and through this live stream, to honor tradition, memory, and service. Today, we are conducting a flag retirement ceremony, a respectful farewell to the symbols of our nation that have proudly flown over our heads. This ceremony is not just about the fabric and colors; it’s about the ideals, the sacrifices, and the unwavering spirit they represent.

We also take a moment to remember the cherished members of the Boys State Family who are no longer with us. In the “Post Everlasting,” we honor their contributions, their mentorship, and the legacy they have left behind. Their memories continue to guide us and inspire future generations.

Furthermore, we pay tribute to our female veterans, whose courage and dedication have been instrumental in shaping our nation’s history. Their service, often unsung, deserves our deepest respect and gratitude.

Join us as we reflect on these profound acts of patriotism and remembrance. May this ceremony remind us of the values we hold dear and the collective responsibility we share in carrying them forward.


Those honored during the Post Everlasting Ceremony are:

  • General Thomas "Tom" Bartlett III (ALMBS Graduate)
  • Paula Jean Booth (Past American Legion Auxiliary Department of West Virginia President)
  • Rocco Fucillo (ALMBS Staff and Supporter)
  • Katena Svingos Karnes (Past American Legion Auxiliary Department of West Virginia President)
  • Roger John "Kat" Michael (Past Sons of The American Legion Detachment of West Virginia Commander)
  • Jack Morgan (US Navy Veteran and ALMBS Supporter)