Rosie The Riveter Anna Hess Addresses ALMBS

Anna Hess was born and raised on a small farm in Roane County, WV. With the outbreak of World War II, her family moved to Akron, OH to work in the factories to support the war effort. Anna’s mother was truly a “Rosie the Riveter” working as a riveter on B29 aircraft wings, and Anna herself eventually went to work in a tire plant during the war.

Anna met and married her husband in Akron, and they moved to his hometown of Morgantown in 1948 where they raised their family.

In recent years, Anna got involved in the Rosie the Riveter program as a way to honor her mother. The organization in WV is called “Thanks! Plain and Simple,” and as part of the national Rosie the Riveter movement they strive to ensure that the Rosies’ legacy lives on as part of America’s identity and consciousness.

Thanks! Plain and Simple.

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