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2015 ALMBS Monroe Primary Election Results

Monroe Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
 Brenden Steele Sheriff Jeremy Mills
 Zachary Linn County Clerk
 Charles Suffridge Prosecuting Attorney
Circuit Clerk  Lucas Holstine
 AK Snyder Assessor
Adam Robertson State Senate  Leland Henderson
 Tyler Keller Josh Tenney
 Jared Kerns House of Delegates Cole Harlan
David Yosuico Cole Clutter
County Commission
Federalist City Results Nationalist
Mayor Cody Nypan
City Council Jeremy Mills
Andrew Henderson
Justin Anselene
Board of Education
Ben Wilson
Noah Redmond
David Claypool
Circuit Judge
Jarrett Stengel
Logan Davis
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2015 Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results

Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
Noah Kessler Sheriff Justin Wheels
 Ethan Keeney County Clerk Aric Varlas
Prosecuting Attorney DJ Hahn
Circuit Clerk
 Nicholas Keaton State Senate Donald Kummer
 Joshua Campbell
Chandler Harmon House of Delegates Zane Lewis
 Jackson Geis
 Sam Ross
Jake Bondi County Commission Spencer Rodgers
Anthony Haden
 Bailey Fox
Federalist City Results Nationalist
 Fargo Camerlengo Mayor Kole Starkey
Matthew Mikles City Council Donald Kummer
Dakota Williams Anthony Haden
Zachary Cafego
Board of Education
Zachary Cafego
Travis Rawson
Circuit Judge
Cameron Wymer
Fargo Camerlengo
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2015 ALMBS Panhandle Primary Election Results

Panhandle Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
 Isaac Herron Sheriff Kristopher Creel
 Sterling Beane County Clerk
William Colbert Prosecuting Attorney
Circuit Clerk  Caleb Miller
 Austin Hayes Assessor Aaron Buckley
 Dominic Cunningham State Senate Andy Orellana
 Tanner Furbee  Isaac Tincher
 Ryan Clutter House of Delegates Chris Johnson
 Roger McDiffitt Luis Neer
 Gatsby Rider Justin Spurr
 Sebastian Roderick
Jacob Hedrick County Commission Austin Ansell
Federalist City Results Nationalist
 Gatsby Rider Mayor Kristopher Creel
Dominic Cunningham City Council  Chris Johnson
Nick Nestor Andrew Momessin
Sebastian Roderick  Zane Hummel
Board of Education
Zane Hummel
Nick Nestor
Brandon Toothman
Circuit Judge
Luke Hardy
Andrew Mommessin
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2015 ALMBS Lewis Primary Election Results

Lewis Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
 Dakota McCartney Sheriff Dylan Fogel
County Clerk Rahiem Stafford
Prosecuting Attorney Ethan Miller
 Mackenzie Pernell Circuit Clerk Thomas Vu
State Senate Spencer Mays
Nick Cecil
Cameron Kiner House of Delegates Nolan Holley
 Greyson Teets Hunter Monroe
County Commission Thomas Lancaster
Federalist City Results Nationalist
Mayor Thomas Vu
Julian Work City Council Philip Schwarz
Mike Rochetti Ethan Miller
 Spencer Mays
Board of Education
Bradley Rinehart
Circuit Judge
Philip Schwarz
James Prentice
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2015 ALMBS Braxton Primary Results

Braxton Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
Sheriff John French
County Clerk
 Michael Dantrassy Prosecuting Attorney
Circuit Clerk
State Senate
 Ben Daft House of Delegates Patrick McGee
Nathan Wright
Kyle Swann
Reese Gillispie
Ethan Meadows County Commission
Federalist City Results Nationalist
Mayor Wes Kahle
Zachary Porter City Council Michael Dehlin
Cameron Belcher
Joe Lambert
Board of Education
Fred Rice
 Kumar Lambert
Circuit Judge
Wes Kahle
Erik Musgrave
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2015 ALMBS Barbour/Webster Primary Election Results

Barbour/Webster (Webar) Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
Jacob Workman Sheriff
 Landon Irwin County Clerk
Prosecuting Attorney Greyson Travelstead
Circuit Clerk
 Daniel Mullett Assessor Hunter Lockhart
 Nick Elekes State Senate Matthew Valentine
Stephen Richbart
Lucas McGlothlin House of Delegates Marcell Henry
Nate Eddy Michael Laxton
Micah Muncy
Tristan Bibbee
Jacob George County Commission Skyler Humphrey
Corey Johnston
Federalist City Results Nationalist
Nick Elekes Mayor Thomas Cole
Jacob George City Council Corey Johnston
Daniel Mullett
 Riley Sturm
Board of Education
Skyler Humphrey
 Michael Hill
Micah Muncy
Circuit Judge
 Connor Avington
Braden Hurst
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2015 ALMBS Kanawha Primary Election Results

Kanawha Primary Election Results
Federalist County Results Nationalist
 Ryan Menendez Sheriff  David Coleman
County Clerk  Matthew Zollinger
Prosecuting Attorney  Colin Harvath
Circuit Clerk
Assessor  Isaac Turner
State Senate  Bronson Ballard
 Spenser Hively
House of Delegates  Patrick McKay
 Cole Atha
 Tucker Aldridge
Adam Davis
Nick Watton
 Brandon Akers County Commission  Juan Ervin
Zachary Kerns
Federalist City Results Nationalist
 Billy McCauley Mayor  Isaac Turner
 J.J Mahan City Council  Zachary Kerns
 Ryan Cunningham  Juan Ervin
 Spenser Hively
Board of Education
Nathanial Selbe
Circuit Judge
 Maverick Kelley
Jonah Lalama

WVU President E. Gordon Gee Speaks to ALMBS

Dr. E. Gordon Gee is one of America’s most prominent higher education leaders, having helmed universities for more than three decades. In 2009, Time magazine named him one of the top 10 university presidents in the United States.

In 2014, Gee returned to West Virginia University, where his career as a university president began. His leadership goals include putting students first, advancing the university’s research agenda, partnering with West Virginia communities and making sure that 1.8 million West Virginians know in their hearts and minds that West Virginia University is their university.

Born in Vernal, Utah, Gee graduated from the University of Utah with an honors degree in history and earned his J.D. and Ed.D. degrees from Columbia University. He clerked under Chief Justice David T. Lewis of the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals before being named a judicial fellow and staff assistant to the

WV Commissioner of Agriculture Walt Helmick Speaks to ALMBS

West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Walt Helmick was elected in 2012 and assumed office January 14, 2013. He is a Webster County native and graduated from Webster Springs High School. He earned a B.A. Degree from West Virginia Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute, Hobart Technical Center, Lincoln Welding School, and Mendenhall School of Auctioneering.

He taught welding for five years at Pocahontas County High School before being elected to the Pocahontas County Board of Education. He then served nearly 10 years as President of the Pocahontas County Commission. Advancing to the state level, he won his bid for a seat in the House of Delegates where he served one year before being appointed to fill an unexpired term in the West Virginia Senate.

As a member of the Senate, he held several leadership positions, including eight

Congressman David McKinley Speaks to ALMBS

David B. McKinley, P.E. began his tenure in Congress on January 3, 2011, when he was sworn in to represent the First District of West Virginia.

David is a proud, seventh generation West Virginian and a native of Wheeling. After graduating from Purdue University’s civil engineering school, he worked in the construction industry as a professional engineer.

As a successful former small businessman, David established McKinley and Associates — an architectural and engineering firm — that includes offices in Wheeling and Charleston, W.Va. and Washington, PA.  Over the 44 years that David owned his business, he created hundreds of jobs and understands the vital role small businesses plays in creating private sector jobs and strengthening the economy. He was recognized, twice, by West Virginia Executive Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in West Virginia.

David was elected to the U.S. House of