2014 ALMBS Kanawha Primary Election Results

Kanawha Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
    Sheriff William Boyce  
    County Clerk    
    Prosecuting Attorney Ethan A Corrico  
    Circuit Clerk    
    Circuit Judge    
  Sean Riggleman State Senate R.J Senior  
  Douglas Ernest, Jr. Austin Perdue  
  Christopher Eric Bodkin House of Delegates Seth Storch  
  Justin Boyd Kevin Stryker  
  Chad Hollandsworth County Commission    
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
    Mayor Austin Perdue  
  Nicholas John Roedersheimer City Council Logan Bell  
  W. Seth Murphy    
  Jeffery Hartley    
    Board of Education    
    Jeffery Hartley    
    Nicholas John Roedersheimer    
    Ryan Giles