2014 ALMBS Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results

Harrison/Upshur Primary Election Results
  Federalist County Results Nationalist  
  Ryan Schriner Sheriff Jimmy Bishop  
    County Clerk    
    Prosecuting Attorney    
    Circuit Clerk Matthew Thompson  
  James Spencer Assessor Will Walker  
  Cordel Bostic Circuit Judge Cole Halobeck  
  Tom Kotol Magistrate Jamie Rose  
  John Wilfong State Senate Mitchell Winkie  
  John S. McLaughlin Bradley A. Firchow  
  Brandon Well House of Delegates Jack Victory  
  Peter Hartzell Michael Florio  
    County Commission Jacoby Steel  
      Don Shaffer  
      Joshua Palmer  
  Federalist City Results Nationalist  
  John Wilfong Mayor David Boden  
  Peter Hartzel City Council Cole Matthew Holubeck  
  Ryan Schriner Joshua Palmer  
  Cody Brubaker Mason Lee  
    Board of Education    
    Sean Estep    
    Nick Martin    
    Brian Cox