Senator Manchin Speaks to ALMBS

Senator Manchin has served in several leadership capacities on various associations, including: Chairman of the National Governors Association, Chairman of the Southern States Energy Board, President of the Council of State Governments, Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and Chairman of the Southern Governors’ Association.

Sen. Manchin served as Secretary of State from 2000 to 2004, and his office was known for excellent customer service. He was a state legislator from 1982 to 1996, where he earned a reputation for standing up for West Virginians.

Sen. Manchin became a successful businessman after attending West Virginia University on a football scholarship.

Sen. Manchin is an avid pilot, outdoorsman, hunter, angler and motorcyclist. He has been married for more than four decades to the former Gayle Conelly of Beckley. They have three children: Heather, Joseph IV and Brooke, and are the proud grandparents of Joseph V, Sophie, Kelsey, Madeline, Chloe, Jack, Carly, Vivian, Beaux and

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey Addresses ALMBS

Patrick Morrisey was elected as the Attorney General for the State of West Virginia on November 6, 2012, and was sworn into office on January 14, 2013. Patrick Morrisey is the first Republican to serve as Attorney General in West Virginia since 1933, and as a resident of Harpers Ferry, Morrisey is also the first Attorney General from Jefferson County in our state’s history.

Since becoming Attorney General, Morrisey has made fighting fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption a top priority of the Office. Shortly after taking office, he instituted a new policy for hiring outside counsel that has dramatically increased transparency and saved the state more than $4 million. He also voluntarily returned approximately $18 million in monies to the state and has brought in many millions more to state agency clients and consumers.

In 2014, Attorney General Morrisey called on the West Virginia Legislature to do thorough audits and performance reviews

WV American Legion Auxiliary President Brings Warm Wishes

Susan Wade was born March 22, 1952 to Warren and Nancy Pryor Neff.

She graduated from Paden City High School in 1970. She is retired from the State of West Virginia.

Susan was married to the late Herman Wade, and has one daughter from her previous marriage.  She has 2 granddaughters, and 2 grandsons, all who are members of The American Legion Family.

Susan is a member of Paden City Christian Church.

Susan is a 38 year member of Paden City Unit #86, she is currently Unit President and has served in that position for several years.

Her edibility is through her grandfather, Floyd Pryor who served in the Army during WWI; her father who served in the Navy during WWII; and her late husband who served in the Marines during Vietnam.

She has served as First District Vice President and President.  She has served as Department Chaplain, Department 2nd and Department 1st Vice Presidents.

Susan is

Billy Wayne Bailey Addresss ALMBS

Billy Wayne Bailey serves as the Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance (DVA).

Bailey has an extensive military background that includes service in the West Virginia Army National Guard’s 1092nd Combat Engineers Battalion from 1978 to 1984, which was immediately followed by approximately 15 years of service in the West Virginia Air National Guard’s 130th Airlift Wing.

In addition, Bailey is a former Sherriff of Wyoming County and represented West Virginia’s 9th state senate district for 17 years, 14 of which he served as Senate Majority Whip.

Billy Wayne’s history with the National Guard combined with his experience in the legislature lays an excellent foundation for a secretary. He has a great degree of knowledge and experience related to both veterans’ issues and state government processes.

Billy Wayne Bailey Jr. is a Wyoming County native and graduate of Herndon High School. He attended Morris Harvey College, now known as the

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2016 ALMBS Panhandle General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Cole Price
County Clerk – Christopher Bashman
Prosecuting Attorney – Owen Minor
Circuit Clerk – Tyson Micciche
Assessor – Josh Dalton
County Commission (3) – Aaron Hudosn, Joseph Hayes, and Tyler Mehr
House of Delegates – Benjamin Chenoweth, Austin Christian, James Lyons, Ian Rose, Zachary Flanigan, Ty Logston, Steve Nutter, and Liam Mullins
State Senate (2) – Jeb Brady and Braden Comer

City Results

Mayor – Nicholas Tarley
City Council (3) – Dominick McDonald, Zach Halterman, Brett Knighton


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2016 General State Election Results

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1
CAMDEN (CAM) WHITE (FED) . . . . . 226 56.78

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1
HADEN MILLER (NAT) . . . . . . . .232 58.29

(Vote For Not More Than ) 1
JACOB ((BAG) PIPE IT UP!) EARLE (FED) . 206 51.76

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2016 ALMBS Marion General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Jace Edwards (F)
County Clerk – George McPhail (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – James Floyd (N)
Circuit Clerk – Philip Carson (N)
Assessor – Adam Craig (N)
County Commission (3) – Bridon Strahin (F), Nicholas Miller (N), and Gavin Grymes (N)
House of Delegates – Kyle Riggleman (F), Jacob Humberson (F), Gabe McGinnis (N), Jacob Harper (N), Bradley Bommarito (N), and Andrew Lewis (N)
State Senate (2) – Clay Hinchman (F) and Michael Oliverio III (N)

City Results

Mayor – Philip Carson (N)
City Council (3) – Jacob Price (F), Garrett King (N), and George McPhail (N)


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2016 ALMBS Gilmer/Calhoun General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Ben Parrucci
County Clerk – Logan Hosaflook (N)
Prosecuting Attorney – Joseph Touma
Circuit Clerk – Kyle Barizo
Assessor – Bryce Sine
County Commission (3) – Joshua Yancosek, Alexander Thomas Love, and Nichols Calvert
House of Delegates – Ozan Ozbeker, Austin Composky, Ian McKee, Marques McHaffie, and Sidney George
State Senate (2) – Conner Fields and Ryan Ferrell

City Results

Mayor – Logan Hossflook (N)
City Council (3) – Hunter Gregger (N), Robert Simpkins (F), and Joseph Powell (N)


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2016 ALMBS Lewis Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Curtis Davis
County Clerk – Zachary Dobson
Prosecuting Attorney
Circuit Clerk – Sy Darquenne
Assessor – Evan Haley
County Commission (3) – Sam Dove, Ryan Richards, Aaron Carr
House of Delegates – Camden Cutlip, Evan Allen, James Hunley, Ryan McCord, Jaret Mulloly
State Senate (2) – Bryce Alexander, Sebastien Morel

City Results

Mayor – Sam Dove
City Council (3) – Austin Cain, Michael “Alex” Buchanan, Sage Pauley

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2016 ALMBS Braxton General Election Results

County Results

Sheriff – Logan Barnette (F)
County Clerk – Gage Jackson (F)
Prosecuting Attorney – Dewey Brown (F)
Circuit Clerk – John Fregonara (N)
Assessor – Chase Gillispie (N)
County Commission (3) – Seth Coleman (F), Jackson Myers (N), and Zach Hoskinson (N)
House of Delegates – Jack Dudich (F), Joe Folio (F), Daniel Devine (F), Ian Avis (N), and Brennan Amaral (N)
State Senate (2) – Zak Kimble (F) and Zach Richards (N)

City Results

Mayor – Zach Richards (F)
City Council (3) – Seth Coleman (F), Dewey Brown (F), and Ian Avis (N)