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The American Legion Boys Nation

The National Headquarters of the American Legion conducts a program called the American Legion Boys Nation, which is held in Washington, DC. This program picks up the instructional process on government where respective American Legion Boys State programs leave off. Through hands on participation, young men learn about the Federal Government and its process.

The American Legion Boys Nation delegates meet with legislators from both Houses of Congress, Administration Officials, and usually have an opportunity to meet the President of the United States. Delegates will tour many historic sites in and around Washington, DC and lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

The American Legion Boys Nation follows the national political process and culminates its program with the election of the President of the Boys Nation Senate. The American Legion Boys Nation is conducted at Marymount College in Arlington, Virginia.

Two (2) ALMBS Citizens will be selected to represent West Virginia at Boys Nation. This is the highest honor bestowed upon a Citizen of the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State. IMPORTANT: Only those American Legion Mountaineer Boys State Citizens who are elected to a state office, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, and each political party chairman, are eligible for selection to attend American Legion Boys Nation. In extremely rare circumstances, the American Legion Boys Nation selection committee will consider a Citizen for American Legion Boys Nation who did not obtain one of the above offices, but has excelled in all aspects of the program.

The American Legion Samsung Scholarship

Direct descendants (e.g. child, grandchild, great grandchild) of U.S. wartime veterans who participate in the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State Program are eligible to apply for the Samsung American Legion Scholarship. This scholarship provides up to $20,000 in aid to the recipients.

Eligible candidates will complete the application and attach the required Veteran’s Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty (Form DD-214) or other government document showing time served on active military duty and submit the application prior to the start of ALMBS each year. A participant may only apply for this opportunity the year they attend ALMBS.

Assistance in obtaining a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 may be achieved through contact with the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance Cabinet Secretary, Rick Thompson, at (304) 558-3661 or toll free at (888) 838-2332. They may not have copies of every DD-214, but they may be able to tell you how to get a copy.

Military Service Academies

 Application Points

In recognition of the LEADERSHIP abilities of Boys State Graduates, the U.S. Military Service Academies issue leadership and/or extra curriculum points for attending Boys State/Girls State in the summer of their junior year. Students should talk with their high school counselors to get a recommendation for Boys State/Girls State.

West Virginia University Leadership Scholarship

West Virginia UniversityIn recognition of outstanding achievement, West Virginia University (WVU) will provide a scholarship to first-time freshmen who have achieved the highest levels of honor or leadership within nationally acclaimed organizations.  Boys Nation/Girls Nation Participants are eligible to receive this scholarship from West Virginia University.

  • Incoming freshmen who have a high school GPA of 3.0 or better and an ACT composite of at least 21 or combined SAT Critical Reading and Math scores of 990, will be awarded a $500 scholarship annually for up to 4 academic years (total of $2,000) while enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student on the main campus in Morgantown.
  • The award will be in addition to any other scholarship offered through the WVU Scholars Program.
  • The student must submit verification of status attainment (i.e.Certificate, letter of proof) to the WVU Undergraduate Scholarship Office. The information may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to 304.293.4544. Please include the student name, WVU ID#, and date of birth with the information you send. The deadline date to have any information submitted for consideration is August 1.
  • Students may renew the scholarship by having a minimum GPA of 2.75 after each academic year. Students are also required to earn a minimum of 30 credit hours each year.

Wabash College Boys State Scholarship

Wabash CollegeAdmitted students that are selected to attend participate in their state’s Boys State Program and who meet the campus visit requirement will receive up to $50,000 in a Boys State scholarship to attend Wabash. Wabash College merit-based scholarships are renewable annually provided the student attains the cumulative grade point average and number of course credits required at the end of each academic year in order to make normal progress toward graduating in four years.

Wabash offers qualified young men a superior education, fostering, in particular, independent intellectual inquiry, critical thought, and clear written and oral expression. The College educates its students broadly in the traditional curriculum of the liberal arts, while also requiring them to pursue concentrated study in one or more disciplines.

Wabash also challenges its students to appreciate the changing nature of the global society and prepares them for the responsibilities of leadership and service in it.

American Legion Boys Nation

Two Citizens will be selected to represent The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State at Boys Nation. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Citizen. Two alternates will be selected in case the main selectees are not able to attend. Only those Citizens who are elected to a state office, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate and each political party chairman are eligible for selection to attend Boys nation. In extremely rare circumstances, the Boys Nation Selection Committee will consider a citizen(s) who did not obtain one of the aforementioned positions, but who has excelled in all aspects of the program.

Award Recipients

1946 - David Daugherty and John Hancock; 1947 - Elmer H. Freese and John Scott, Jr.; 1948 - Bill Lohr and Howard D. Hermansdorfer; 1949 - Charles S. Brown, Jr. and Frank Smith

1950 - Mike Miller and Ted A. Rake; 1951 - Benjamin F. Good and Robert S. Morgan; 1952 - Harrison T. Joyce, Jr. and James W. St. Clair; 1953 - James Vasoti and Russell A. Thorn, Jr.; 1954 - Charles F. Lucas and Frederick A. Fitch III; 1955 - Forest J. Bowman and Myron R. Renick; 1956 - Earland L. Lilly and John L. Frye; 1957 - John F. Kile and Rex D. Adams; 1958 - Dean M. Hunneshagen and Gene R. Groves; 1959 - Peter A. Kerr III and William D. Shaffer, Jr.

1960 - Dean K. Thompson and John A. Blue; 1961 - Glen W. Kiger and Paul D. Brown; 1962 - Noel H. Eyster and William L. Meck; 1963 - Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. and Thomas L. Craig, Jr.; 1964 - Lee D. Cutrone, Jr. and Loren J. Fox, Jr.; 1965 - John R. Hoblitzell and Kerry B. Jarrell; 1966 - Carl M. Akers and Steve J. Knezovich; 1967 - Charles A. Riffee II and Malcolm B. Louden II; 1968 - Charles M. Connor and Mitchell C. Boswell; 1969 - David F. Anderson and Stephen D. Ratcliffe

1970 - Craig N. Mills and Thomas L. Metz; 1971 - Donald F. Copenhaver and Stehen V. Wehner; 1972 - John T. Jessee and Timothy T. Taylor; 1973 - Malcom F. Smith II and Michael E. Armentrout; 1974 - Daniel A. Brailer and Homer W. Hanna III; 1975 - Mark E. Spiker and William E. Dye; 1976 - C. Richard Ggerber, George D. Mattich, and William D. Ramsey; 1977 - John A. Willis; 1978 - John R. Hart; 1979 - Ken A. Ramsey

1980 - Eric R. George; 1981 - David O. Moye and Timothy James Stark; 1982 - James Thaddeus Goots and Scott A. Duvall; 1983 - Daniel P. Taylor and John J. Gemondo III; 1984 - Brian D. Griffith and Michael L. Park; 1985 - Anthony J. Webster and Nathan E. McBrayer; 1986 - R. Allen Coffman, Jr. and Robert S. Wells; 1987 - Gregory R. Lunsford and Trent A. Redman; 1988 - Jon T. Hott and Stephen E. Redd; 1989 - Coy Alden Flowers and Frederick Hornbuckle II

1990 - Brian S. Nelson and Scott E. Cobb; 1991 - Anthony Jay Cipriani and Benjamin F. Rodriguez II; 1992 - John Neuner IV and Patrick T. McCulloch; 1993 - Matthew James Honaker and Patrick A. Sims; 1994 - Alex F. Reneman and Andrew Crawford; 1995 - Brandon Craft and Ryan Frankenberry; 1996 - Christopher Malamisura and Rober Lowee III; 1997 - Chad Graham and Nathan Smith; 1998 - Eric Bugyis and Steve Herron; 1999 - Anthony K. Gianettino and Steven L. O’Chap

2000 - James Perry and Patrick Knighton; 2001 - Matthew Stonestreet and Yang Ran; 2002 - Benjamin G. Davisson and Peter V. Wilmots; 2003 - Austin C. Moore and Frank Wang; 2004 - Corey P. Zarnoch and Robert D. Herron III; 2005 - Afeet Ahmed and Brandon M. Smith; 2006 - Colin Stephen Reger and Don Charles Saas; 2007 - Cameron Frazier Wilson and Todd Joseph Zachwieja; 2008 - Dane S. Hamilton and Jordan Anthony Simon;  2009 - Robert C. Gerbo and Stephen Semmens

2010 - Jacob Merinar and Luke Miller; 2011 - Nima Ronaghi and Vijay Sampath; 2012 - Julian Pechora and Robert MacDonald; 2013 - Blake Humphrey and James Park II; 2014 - Dante Lamont McCarroll, Jr. and Bradley Austin Virchow; 2015 - Travis Wayne Rawson and Andy Alexander Orellana; 2016 - Keaton Rohit Cooper and Austin Ray Young

William R. Fugitt Memorial Award

This award, given in memory of long time Mountaineer Boys State Administrator William R. Fugitt, is given to the cottage that attains the best total score in the categories of City Government, County Government, Board of Education, Bar Examination, Legal Program, Daily Inspection, Athletics/Band Participation, State Election Participation, and General conduct of all citizens of that cottage during the entire week.

Tommy E. Jones Award

This award, given in memory of long time Mountaineer Boys State Administrator Tommy E. Jones, will be awarded to the Citizen who contributes the most to the political process. Among the criteria for this award are: Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Honesty, Organizational Ability, Creativity.

P. E. Kercheval Award

This award, given in memory of longtime Mountaineer Boys State Chief Medical Officer and one of the original Founders of Mountaineer Boys’ State, Dr. P. E. Kercheval, is given to a Citizen who is a participant in all of the activities of Boys State, is courteous, congenial, has high moral standards and demonstrates leadership.

Frank Taylor, Jr. Award

This award, given in memory of longtime Mountaineer Boys State Legal Adviser Frank Taylor Jr., is awarded to the citizen of Mountaineer Boys State who exhibits an enthusiastic interest in law and displays high moral character with honor, respect and integrity for the rights of others. In addition, the recipient must be an active participant in the programs of Mountaineer Boys State. Only Citizens who successfully passed the Mountaineer Boys State Bar Examination will be considered for this award.

David "Dave" Farris Award

This award, given in memory of longtime Mountaineer Boys State Counselor and Headquarters Staff member, David “Dave” Farris, is presented to the Citizen who contributes significantly to the city and/or county government aspects of the Mountaineer Boys State program and exhibits the qualities of a good sense of humor, kindness, competence and fairness for all. Only those Citizens who hold an elected city or county office shall be eligible for this award.

American Legion Mountaineer Boys State Americanism Award

This award will be bestowed upon the graduating Citizen who has shown the most patriotism throughout the week, demonstrating respect to the flag and to ceremonies. The Citizen should demonstrate integrity, enthusiasm, service before self, honor, and love of country.

Award Recipients

2012 - Timothy P. Metzinger; 2013 - Patrick Harrington; 2014 - William C. McKinney, Jr.; 2015 - Hunter Lockhart; 2016 - Luke Knollinger

Dr. John T. Dombrosky Award

This award, given in memory of Dr. John T. Dombrosky who was a Mountaineer Boys State Citizen, Assistant Medical Officer and Chief Medical Officer, is presented to a Staff member or citizen who has displayed the attributes of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the Legion principles as exemplified by Dr. Dombrosky.

Legislator of the Year Award

The Legislator of the Year award is given to a member of the Mountaineer Boys State Senate or House of Delegates who best exemplifies extraordinary character, enthusiasm for education, and a genuine devotion to the legislative process. The Legislative Advisers, chaired by the Legislative Coordinator shall select the recipient of this award.